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Last updated:4/16/18

Q: Is it normal to feel so confused after learning HTML, CSS, JS...? I got stuck so many times while coding a ToDo app!

- Ziad


Yes it is completely normal. Here's why:

  1. You're learning a new way of thinking that is procedural and logical. Many of Us aren't used to doing that.
  1. There are a ton of new confusing concepts and terms - it's more akin to learning a new language even though it's in English.
  1. Tutorial creators often suffer from the Curse of Knowledge. (When you know something, you find it hard to remember what it's like not knowing it.) New material is often taught at a pace and level you are not used to yet.

On Specific Tips to Help

Teat it like a foreign language
  1. Understand there you will be confused, and just roll with it.

    It won't be forever, but you will drag yourself into a funk if you try to learn everything you do not know yet.

  2. Keep a "What Does This Mean" list and look up definitions and examples when you have time.

    Between meetings, waiting for the bus/subway, in a waiting room, in line at a store. There are so many moments we waste on other platforms that are perfect amounts of time to fill in gaps in knowledge.

  3. Mediate - the last time you were so lost for so long, you were just a kid and everyone gave you permisison to screw up.

    Now you're an adult, and you're expected to have your shit figured out. Give yourself that license to get your hands dirty again and not know it all at the beginning.


Headspace Meditation: Anxiety Headspace Meditation: Noting Technique I Feel Lost When Learning Programming!

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